1925 Hood detail

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Hood Hinge Bracket

When I first got my car the only thing holding the rear hood hinge was a piece of sheet metal with 2 holes. I made a better piece out of aluminum. I had no idea at the time what it was to look like. Then I got my repro parts book from "BOB's" and saw what part # 41095 Hood Hinge Bracket was to look like. Since I had to spend such an inordinate amount of time searching for the Radiator Brace Rod I misplaced (thanks to Hugh who found it) and these other parts on the cowl end.  I thought I would try to make something closer to the original. 

 Luckily I have the same part on my Master to copy.  I laid out a piece of 5/8" thick steel from measurements on the Master part. Hack sawed out the rough tapered sides. Drilled (2) 5/16" holes adjacent to each other for the slot to be filed out later. Drilled the 17/64" hinge rod hole as a centering arbor then using that drill in a drill chuck in the tailstock of my lathe. Then, carefully chucking it in a 4 jaw chuck, reversing one jaw and using a piece brass filler for one end to be able to center it. I had to take 1/16" deep cuts and a light feed to avoid kicking out the large end.  


Once the stepped end was to size with a .460 diameter concentric to the 17/64" hole I removed the piece. I installed my 3 jaw chuck to center to the .460 diameter and faced off the rear surface to size.




                                Final operation using a bench grinder, Dremel disk sander and files to finish to my layout marks.



At the left is the temporary aluminum one I made in 2011. On the right the one that looks like part #40195.

 NOTE* Part book calls out “specify color”. So this will be painted.Brewster Green!

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Your machine work is very impressive. I have also seen this part made from 2 metal pieces welded together and as a casting originally. This group really knows how to solve problems from lots of different angles.  Hugh

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Well, I finally got around to rubbing out the paint on the hood to do some striping. I was able to paint on the last semi dry day of early summer . Since then it has either been raining, over 90 degrees or 90 %+ humidity or both. Since my paint booth was the great out doors I had some dust and blushing to sand and rub out.





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That is Brewster Green as what was original color to the car. Yes the color is deceptive unless you get it in the correct light.

 Leif's car in the color Hugh and I are going for.



An earlier photo in brighter sunlight.

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