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SOLD: Amazing 1929 Cadillac LaSalle Fleetwood Body Dealership Album With 13 Separate, Full-Size Body Prints

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This is an amazing original piece for a Cadillac/LaSalle/Fleetwood or automotive literature collector. It is a full size hardbound, Fleetwood Body dealership album which contains 13, separate and full-sized prints. The hardbound cover measures approximately 12 1/2" by 13 1/2". Each separate print measures approximately 12 1/2" by 24" unfolded. There is one print introducing the Fleetwood Body Company, three LaSalle prints and nine Cadillac prints. All of the prints feature different body style variations. They are in full color. Some of the  prints contain cloth and leather upholstery samples. The graphics are extremely strong and bold. The colors are very vivid. Each brochure has images on both sides. There is some minor water damage on some of the outer perimeters but none of the images themselves are affected as seen in  the photos below. The hardbound cover is dated 1929. Each of these images is suitable for framing. An extremely graphic and impressive piece of original automotive art. The price for the entire album is 500.00 including shipping and insurance in the USA.  I accept PayPal for payment. Email directly at: motoringicons@hotmail.com or call 734-730-4274 for more information. Thanks.

29 1.jpg

29 2.jpg

29 3.jpg

29 4.jpg

29 5.jpg

29 6.jpg

29 7.jpg

29 8.jpg

29 9.jpg

29 11.jpg

29 10.jpg

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