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18 hours ago, Elpad said:



Can anybody ID location by freeway signs?

That's Route 101 (the Hollywood Freeway).  The exits are for Western, and then for Melrose/Normandie, so the camera is facing south.  I think the bridge going over the freeway in the distance is where Fountain goes over 101.

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3 minutes ago, neil morse said:

This one's for you, @Grimy!



Thank you, @neil morse.  The Best Building still houses a bank but not the BofA.  A now-deceased neighbor had his law office on the 2nd floor for years.


To the right of the main drag in San Leandro, E.14th St. (photo is looking generally south), several blocks of buildings were removed in the early 1960s to create a shopping center which is still doing well.

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