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Find the Buick


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9 hours ago, Elpad said:

There have to be a Buick in early Chicago among those models!


The Buick is the one coming toward us,

3rd from the rear of the center lane,

the better one,

changing lanes to pass the rest of the cars !


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23 hours ago, Elpad said:


6th row, 3rd from the right-

1960 with 4 ventiports - a Flat-top 4-door hardtop between the MGA and the 1958 Cadillac,,,

and maybe a 1967/1958 station wagon behind the '59 Ford wagon, 3 more to it's left?

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On 4/7/2023 at 10:51 PM, Elpad said:


Parking hs 1949-1950 Chevy next to the 1940-1941-ish Buick cabriolet?

Isn't he em-bare-a$$ed?

And, it seems something similar may be happening on the driver's side, as well.

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On 4/16/2023 at 8:06 AM, Tom99 said:

Shea Stadium, New York

Shea Stadium.jpg

parked in that lot many times over the years for games at Shea

now its the location of Citi Field another great major league stadium

if you parked to close to the stadium which was on the left you took a chance of the long home run ball bouncing around the parking lot

this pic was probably taken from the elevated subway station for the "7 Line"

looking at Northern blvd with Flushing bay behind and LaGuardia to the left behind also

i see a couple of 68 Sklark/GS cars in the 4th row and maybe a Riv in the 6th



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