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5 hours ago, old-tank said:

Spy balloons back then?

What the heck is going on in that photo?  I can't figure out whether the object in the sky is a cloud or a UFO.  But it's odd because the attention of the crowd seems focused on the vacant lot across the road (where the man also seems to be pointing) rather than the thing in the sky.  @Elpad can you shed any light on this question?


Edit:  I found the answer.  It's a group of people in Las Vegas watching a nuclear bomb test!




I'm sure that was completely safe!  (Footnote: that Pontiac coupe looks very sharp.)

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1 hour ago, neil morse said:

Clapped out Corvette has been through too many winters!

That Corvette is the best part of the pic (other than the Trolley lol) figuring this is about the mid 60s

that vette has had a rough life already, but imagine how much that car might be worth in that condition now!!!

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It also has signs for Buick and Oldsmobile Service.  And I see two '60 Oldsmobiles and two '60 Buicks in the photo, and I don't see any cars newer than those.  I also see two Borgwards, but I don't know the year.  I'm just thinking this service station might be connected in some way to a dealership.  Great photo, thanks for posting!

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