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1 hour ago, Grimy said:

"Hospital Curve" on US 101 southbound about 2-3 PM from the shadows.  Newest cars I see are 1958 Ford, Olds, Chev.


You're slipping, George!  😄  There's a '59 Chevy in the third column, two cars behind the Rolls.  And speaking of the Rolls, Mr. Bigshot is going to have to pay a pretty penny to get that front end repaired!

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3 hours ago, Machine Gun said:

Back when the median annual income was less than $5,000.

Looks like it was a bit less than 5k median annual income. According to this source men were at $3,400 and women were at $1,100. Of course thats the entire USA so it might have been higher at this location. 


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