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9 hours ago, avgwarhawk said:

I'd say 54.

When I was restoring the 54, I bought a hood ornament from evilBay and it turned out to be from a 53 which the ring and the scoop base where slightly wider and thicker. Can’t tell much of a difference from the picture. 

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3 hours ago, kgreen said:

I'll give it a try.  The one in the top left corner looks like it might be as does the one located third from the bottom left.


I concur with your selections, Ken.  Four '40's and a '41.  The one in the top left corner looked at first like another Super sedan like the one that it's almost back-to-back with because it's got those blind quarters, but it's smaller and the trunk hinges are different.  I think it's the A-body -- maybe a Chevy?  As for your other suspect, it's a little hard to know how you're counting up from the bottom, but are you talking about the Sedanet?  I think it's a '41 Pontiac.  The back part of the trim on the rear fenders looked similar to the Buick, but the Pontiac had trim on the front fender as well, which you can just see a little bit of in the photo.

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On 10/1/2020 at 9:26 PM, Elpad said:

Horn the Buick



Nice Buick with what appears to be Buell Air Trumpets (I have a couple of pairs),

but isn't that a 1949 Mercury?

and were they really on the street as early as July 29th, 1948?


This picture was taken here in New Orleans at 425 Bourbon Street in the French Quarter-

or as the locals say, "The Quarters"

It is also commonly called the Vieux Carré – a term meaning “Old Square” in French, and coined around the 1890s when the Quarter was evolving into a tourist destination. Here is a history of the "French Quarter": https://www.fqmd.org/history-of-french-quarter/#:~:text=It is also commonly called,evolving into a tourist destination.

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3 hours ago, Elpad said:



I thought the reference to "I led 3 Lives" on the sign was interesting, so I checked it out.  Fascinating story!




Philbrick was an FBI informant who infiltrated the American Communist Party in the '40's and whose autobiography became the basis for the TV series in the 50's.  Toward the end of his life, he ran a variety store in Rye Beach, New Hampshire.  That's what's in the photo.




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