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Find the Buick


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4 hours ago, Elpad said:



I see a 1957 Hardtop at the far left at the on-ramp behind the 1955 Plymouth convertible

The lane he is merging into has what may be a 1954 behind the '55 Chevy and ahead of the '51 Chevy

The next lane over has a 1951 - 1952 Buick to the left and ahead of the Step-Van,

and just to the left of that one is a 1957 Buick,

with yet another 1957 Buick just three (3) cars behind that one -

and Mr. Earl may have noticed a 1954 in the far left "HAMMER" Lane,

even 'though it is not doing much hammering at the moment

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15 hours ago, neil morse said:




Quite an example of a smart entrepreneur here.

One stop shopping: 

Fuel up the car while the wife goes in to get a few groceries, checking out the dry goods while there and thinking about a few notions purchase. Oh, and by the way, grab a bottle to have for company tonight Dear. 

Yes that building owner has thought it through. 

Wonder if a store exists on the location today?


The only thing missing by today's standards would be the car wash for the Buick.


Interesting time in history, obviously prohibition is over, the Depression is lessening and World War 2 is looming over the Horizon...


Note the road appears to be gravel yet as evidenced by the dirt on the rear quarter panel?

Great car, great picture, it says a lot! 👍

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1 hour ago, dei said:


Could that have been a road trip JohnD had taken?


Might have been one of the other couple of thousand JohnD's Dei, but not this one.  That is a nice looking 55 in Mr Earls photo. 

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1 hour ago, neil morse said:


Some unusual cars in that photo between the Eldo convertible and the Citroen DS!  Also, note the "Speed Kills" on the back of the police car.


Very likely why the pack is bunched up behind the cruiser! LOL

I see that all the time till he turns off the road...

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