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At first I thought it was a California scene because there were so many older cars with the few new ones. I note a '69 Cadillac and possibly a 70 Chevy coming at us in the picture along with cars as old as the '56 Chevy on the right and '58 Plymouth on the left, which compliment the '59 and '60 Buicks. 

But these were good times in the USA. Many folks were always buying new cars to keep up with the neighbors, so surely this had to be a western scene.

Then I noticed the road sign says Palisades Pkw 1 so this is most likely Fort Lee New Jersey, just off the George Washington Bridge, looking west. Site of the infamous Bridge Gate scandal, which   is largely accredited with sinking NJ Gov Chris Christie's presidential aspirations.  And I am still astounded at the number of older cars in use in 1969/70 in this affluent area!  Great picture!

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Find the Buick? Or should I say find the Bozo’s


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