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2 hours ago, 39BuickEight said:

All eras of cars look alike if you want them to thanks to confirmation bias.  Cars largely now look alike just like they did 100 years ago.


Agree somewhat, I have problems myself by identifying some cars especially from the pre-war era not to mention the wooden wheel cars but they all have a distinctive feature that set them apart when looked close at. The problem is the influx of foreign cars now opposed to almost all American market back them. I can’t tell the difference from a Toyota to a Nissan specially from an air shot or can’t even tell the difference if they remove a name badge  on the ground. As a kid, I learned to identify cars by exterior features as portholes for Buicks, Stars and Stripes for Pontiacs and those distinctive tail fins of the Cadillacs. It could be that I grew up on the 50’s! Based on that, I agree with Oldtank about the “jelly beans” theory.

My personal 2 cents.

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6 minutes ago, dei said:

Actually my buddies car and I do like it when he lets me drive her.


Now that you found my Buick...

Same day.


Looks like the nailhead / ST400 powered 48 Ford F1 pickup that I used to have.  Except that mine still had 1948 paint on it. A fun sleeper.

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