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Oil change noises


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So everytime I change my oil on first start up until pressure hits I get noise..I think knocking.. As soon as there's any movement on my oil pressure gauge dead silent...I can let it sit for weeks and silent on start up.. Never any bad noises or bad pressure just that first start up after a change.. I've had other vintage engines do similar things.. Just wondering if anyone else experiences this.. Been doing it for years and is driven Dailey so I doubt there's any real problem...

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If it's "up top", then it's probably the lifter galleys needing to be "re-charged" and purged of air.  That was a common situation on earlier '70s Chevy big-blocks until they started using screw-in galley plugs that had a .030" hole drilled in them (per a prior TSB about this).


I certainly would pre-fill the oil filter before installation.  Then add the balance of the quart to the sump after the rest of the oil.  Can't hurt.  


Might unplug the coil wire and spin the motor with the starter right after the change.  When oil pressure comes up, then plug the coil wire back in and enjoy.



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Maybe we should ask the persons age when they post a question.........that might allow us to adjust our answers based on age. 

After maybe 30 years of working on cars, most of us have already made lots of mistakes and sometime "presume" the person asking the question has some history with old cars. 

There are just a lot of "things" we believe everyone already knows........based on our years of mistakes. 

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