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1918 Headlight Lenses


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When I got my 1918 4-cyl the headlight lenses had been smashed, and now I've had the reflectors and trim rings re plated and I'm ready to put everything back together, but I need the glass lenses.  It looks to me like the lenses are held in by clips on the back of the trim rings that hold the glass during installation and then they're held in place by pressure between the trim rings and a small rope pad on the reflectors.  Here are my questions:

-  Am I thinking about this correctly?

-  Are the correct lenses clear or fluted?

-  I measure the correct size to be 9" diameter -- am I right?

-  Should I just go get 9" glass circles cut, or is there a source for lenses?

=  Anybody know the specs on the bulbs?



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