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Windshild Frame


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WOW, what a mission, you deserve a medal.  I wonder how many others have been removed or how many people know  the frame comes out?  Whats the frame made of?  Timber and metal sheeting? I thought the whole frame would have been metal and welded in.
I wonder if  my 38 Lincoln Zephyr convertible is like that or if  its  only peculiar to the continental.  I will  have a close look at my Zephyr  .
  An unusual build !?

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I just bought black silicon,  masked off the seam and using the smallest point possible just followed the seam while squeezing the tube with a calking gun. Wet my finger, spreaded out evenly. Let it get a skin coat on.silicon, then removed the tape. Not one leak at all and looks great on my blue Continental.



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