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old mechanical exhibition in France

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hello, this week end there was a large purse of piéces to steal old cars and agricultural vehicles.
this exhibition lasts from Wednesday to Sunday evening, it is called the "Tractomania" and it happens in the city of Caussade in the South of France.
it happens once a year and it's been 30 years that it lasts, this exposure and very known, there are many English, Spanish, Italian, Swiss, German, Belgian, .. who come to France for this exhibition.
The best is to go there on Saturday but I could not (I worked on my buick :) ), so I'm going Sunday.
I will put 290 photos and it will take time, I will put pictures this week.
here are some pictures to start :) 







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8 hours ago, GARY F said:

Thanks for the pictures. I like the old farm equipment


8 hours ago, nzcarnerd said:

There is an amazing amount of old s**t around.  I can't complain - I have some of it myself. As I am sure we all do. 


thnak you very much !  ;) 

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Thanks for posting the pictures of the antique tractors.  First look for me at some of the early 20th century French models. Was Renault the dominant tractor manufacturer during that period of time?  I see an American made McCormick-Deering there as well.  I have 3 antique tractors myself.  Two of these are tractors that I operated on our family farm.  





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