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1938 Packard Senior Series Sidemount Lock Problem

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My friend just bought a 1938 Packard 4 door sedan Senior Series that has been sitting for the past 40 years.  The car has 40,200 miles on it and runs and stops.  He has the keys to the locks that secure the side mount tires in place.  He is able to turn the key in the locks.  Even though he turns the key, something must not be working because everything just spins and doesn't engage the nut to remove it. Can anyone shed some light on what he might be missing?



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These are Oakes locks, the problem is not entirely uncommon when they haven't been used in 40 or maybe even 50 or 60 or more years. Try a small shot of PB Blaster into the key slot and allowing to soak for a few minutes. If that loosens it up, then a little graphited lock lubricant now and every 25 or so years would be a good idea.
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I had used graphite lock lubricant for years.  Several years ago my locksmith sold me a 2 oz bottle of "TRI-FLOW' superior lubricant.  He said it is a much better lubricant and does not attract dirt.  It is an excellent product.

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