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Yet Another "Brake Trouble" Post


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OK...got my brakes flushed and fixed 3 months ago. What was wrong was the yellow ABS light would never go off. Found a mechanic who knew how to work on Reattas, and he did whatever it was he did (cost some 3 grand), all the invoice said was something about new accumulator and other various ABS parts/labor.

Now, 3 months later...the brakes are working fine. But, this morning the yellow abs light came on. I dont know if it was in my head, but it seemed like a few times it stopped further than it should have. Parked the car at school, and 11 hours later when I had to turn it on again to go home, it was normal and there was no light.

Should I just ignore that one time that it turned on? Or is there something I should/could do about it?

Thanks everyone for helping someone who doesnt know anything bout his Reatta,

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