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Need wheel covers for Packard or other

Fred Zwicker

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I am looking for a pair of metal side mount outer covers for a 1929 Packard, although many others will fit.  Tire size outside diameter 33" and about 5" wide across top of thread. Attached pictures show a pair that I bought about 7 years ago from the AACA Indiana Region. They no longer make or have any available. I may be able to modify most anything that is close to the size.  I need only the top metal as shown in attached picture. That set had a stainless steel center, but without is OK.  I do NOT need the flat metal that covers most of the wheel.


Please reply -  Thanks




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Super Nice laSalle - did you know Pete Sounders makes the correct sidemount tire mirror stands for metal covers and the Script Cadillac Mirrors for 1930 & 31 (not sure if he can do a laSalle emblem on them though). 

Product Catalog
1928 -1933 Cadillac - LaSalle
Part #
Peter K. Sanders
103 S. College Avenue
Bluefield, VA 24605
Phone - 703.350.7352
E-mail - PeteSanders1100@gmail.com
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