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DUAL exhaust on the V12


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My 38 Zephyr exhaust has rusty pipes and pinholes in muffler and tailpipe, so it is time this winter for a new exhaust system. I thought maybe I might see something about installing DUALS on the V12 in past newsletters, but it might be quite a while before I run across any such information. I am a newcomer to LZ so pardon me if this has been discussed before exhaustively. (ha,ha) 

Can anyone speak for or against DUALS ?   Did you buy two single stock kits ?  Did you have a local custom shop make up something from scratch ?   Any special routing to watch out for?   Any preferable type of muffler ?  Any performance change in the V12 ?

THANKS for any insight !

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Gotta have duals!!  I cant speak for performance benefits, but my car had  had the frame modified....(cut) and I figured , might as well

run custom duals- with turbo mufflers..has mellow hum ...you can get headers  as well!!

If you want a race car, go buy a GTO, but my lz keeps up with traffic pretty well...I think a dual intake would also help...

the dual routing is a bit ugly, clutch pedals are in the way...

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Thanks !  On performance, I had just wondered if duals tended to lean out the V12, as happens with some setups.

I am most happy to drive along in the LZ at 55 - 60 mph. Both the car and myself feel that is plenty fast.  If I want to terrorize the road, I have a Ford-powered sports car that will do a pretty scary job, but I'm getting too old for that nonsense too.

There's a somewhat local custom exhaust shop that I would like to see if they could make a second exhaust line work and add turbo mufflers as you have. It may be that Lincoln designed an exhaust with sufficient pressure for the V12, but I certainly suspect that a dual setup would let the engine breathe much easier.

Plus, duals just have the "look" that would compliment the Zephyr so well.

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I always considered it a badge of pride to see twin smoke from the rear of cars, 70's and 80's were smog years and  

they seemed to disappear...No, Its is not burning oil, ( well, it is a v-12, uses a little)

I couldn't resist......I told my high scool buds, it was like having a mono hi fi vs stereo--The sound dude, and the look!! 

cold dual smoke not oil!!.JPG

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