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misc 30 plymouth and 30 chrysler parts

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currently clearing out some of my parts to make room for a new project. Complete set of 30 Plymouth front and rear fenders. 7 wheels. Chrysler center caps, Chrysler 66 emblem, bumpers,  complete 30 Plymouth frame, misc. pedals and a lot of other stuff located in Yorktown VA. let me know. Thanks.







light bar.jpg



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He doesn't. 

No engine or transmission parts.

I'm in need of the snout also for a spare transmission.

I have payed Ironworker one visit and going back for the rest as soon as this weather gets out of here.


No hubs for wire wheels. 

Everything Ironworker had was wood wheels.... and is gone.


Bill H

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15 hours ago, plymouth man 30 said:

do you have the accelerator pedal and the accelerator foot rest-also 1 hubcap center and the screw on cap?


Is this what you need?

Picture 29578.jpg

Picture 29579.jpg

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