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53 pontiac.. What have I done now ?

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This project started off as a simple oil leak repair. Rear main rope seal spun and leaked oil and got clutch to slip. Simple repair, right ?  Well,sorta.. That was 4 years ago..  I don't think my health insurance will cover 'imgonnafixitrightitis' , cause let me tell ya, I got a full blown case of it, and it's just wonderful !  


This easy repair has since caused me to do the following:

#1 body off frame 

#2 disassemble running gear, clean, paint and reassemble

#3 blast and paint frame

#4 engine rebuilt (remember the rear seal ! )

#5 blast bottom of body and apply Upol truck bed liner

#6 clean fuel tank in and out, paint and reinstall

#7 body back on frame

#8 paint dash and steering column

#9 And the reason for this post.... I found myself painting the lower bellhousing/clutch cover. This will never be seen by most people, but since I had to remove it the other week because of a stuck clutch, I thought, why not ???  Turned out pretty nice too !!! Does it ever end ?


What next ?…......... John



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I have been there and recently sold my car and now I can't live without it!  I guess when you put a lot of your blood, sweat and tears into the car the love affairs gets stronger. 


The side effect to the 'imgonnafixitrightitis' is 'whileimthereitis'.  That side effect just adds time ie: watching paint dry!



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So that's what it's called! I remember starting out to fix my crank seal leak at the front of the engine. The manifold needed to be machined as it was leaking too..... my engine and bay are now newly painted. Not in the plan. I later replaced the oil pan gasket and fixed a couple leaks at the transmission. They too have been painted. Sure nobody's gonna see them....but WE know! 

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