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53 pontiac dash is painted

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Finally got the dash and steering column painted. Turned out pretty well for painting in the barn. One bug decided to get on the dash and leave his signature. Should be able to buff out. I used Spramax 2k single stage aerosol can. Went to the local paint shop and picked a matching color to the original.



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Make sure you have GOOD ventilation if you can't hold your breath for 5 minutes. Supplied air is best. That's why I won't be painting the body for awhile !!!! If I even attempt it... I want to, for the sake of 'doing it all', but I might just bite the bullet and have it done professionally.... John


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21 hours ago, john hess said:

Thanks Charles.. do you have any near perfect taillight lens's for a 53? My 'drivers' will not do just to the new chrome.. Need both if anyone reading has them... Nothing found at Carlisle. Can't get to Hershey... 


Finding nos 53-54 chieftain lenses is getting hard to do, don't have any extra ones.

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Did you paint the dash in place? I was thinking of removing mine to paint. Looks like it would need to be removed if the headliner was replaced. It's kinda tucked behind the dash. When I first got the car, I used steel wool to try to get the rust spots out. I went a little too hard and took down the finish. This summer I tried again with finer wool and compound polish and was surprised on the results. If it wasn't for that spot at the end I messed up, I wouldn't paint it. Thanks for the pics John.....lookin' good as always.



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Hi Mark. Yes I painted the dash in place. Remember I had the car completely gutted. No windshield, no headliner, nothing. Made it easier I guess. Taped up engine bay and firewall since that was finished. I'm sure it can be done in place since the dash is actually welded in. If you are putting in windlace, that will come out in one piece as the widndow post trim will come with the windlace kit. I'll send ya some better pictures of the inside when I get home so you can see what's in there. 


Here's what I did this weekend.



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