Removing the end caps from a steering link

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Back to dealing with my bent steering linkage. Has anyone successfully removed the end caps from a series 11 drag link? The caps are fine but the pipe is bent and needs replacement. I am concerned because the drawing indicates "Braze" at the threaded connection so I don't know what I'm in for. Also interested if anyone has an intact series 11 link that they would be interested in selling or otherwise parting with. As an aside, I am curious about the marking on the tube which looks like the letter "C" in a hexagon. Any info is helpful and appreciated.

2018-10-09 20.00.50.jpg

2018-10-09 20.19.34.jpg


2018-10-09 20.00.33.jpg

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If it's brazed just at the end and in a few threads, you might/should be able to get it apart by driving or drilling out the rivet thats through the joint and then heat it up enough to melt the brazing and then unscrew it?



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The OP has decided to try and find a good original drag link and pitman arm for that 135. Not only more correct for the car, but stronger so that there is no risk of this happening again.


If anyone has  a good 135/137 drag link and pitman arm, please contact him.  



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