1937 Touring Sedan battery box question

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I've got my grandfather's 37 Pontiac 6 Touring Sedan, which is almost totally original,  I'm working on.    I was wondering if this is the original battery box.   The box looks rather crude to be an original.   The bent over flaps on the top looks like someone used a cutting torch to cut it out which makes me wonder if it's original.    Can someone tell me or show me a picture of what the original box looks like?    It doesn't look to me like a factory produced battery box that would come with a finished car.   I'd appreciate any help!


Sorry about the partial pix I've included.   I took them a few years ago before I started a semi-restoration.

Batt box under Driver Seat.JPG

Battery Box.png

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I am going to guess not original. My 1936 has whats left of an original box, and based on that, I believe the strap with the round rods originally tightened against the battery, probably with some kind of a shim (wood?). Your box would block the little strap from tightening against the battery.


My original 36 box consisted mainly of a wide flat piece of steel that went under the battery to support it. It is attached at one end with two rivets. The other end just hooks, much like your box does.


I think I see a slot in the frame bracket. If there is a second slot next to it, the original box probably hooked through the two slots.





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Thanks, Bloo!    After what you said I took another look at the supporting frame of the battery box under the bent over top flaps and it does, like you said, have two slots.    I hadn't noticed that before.  There are two slots on both front and rear sides of the supporting frame.   There are no places on the supporting frames that show any previous rivet locations or would indicate previous rivets by means of holes.   I really wish someone would photograph their original '37 battery box so I could duplicate it.   Guess I can always hope!


Thanks again for responding!

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