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SoCal 70s MOPAR parts stores?


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I'm in SoCal for a week trying to help my sister with my dads 2 MOPAR cars, he recently passed away.  There are some really basic things that need to be done to them (weatherstripping all around is gone or rotted, window guides are missing making the windows bind, etc) to keep them protected as good as possible while we figure out where we are going to end up keeping the cars.

My question is, is there a parts store in southern california that I can call and see if they have these items?  I only have 5 days here before I have to head back (S. Korea) and would like to get as much done as possible.  I've looked online and it seems all of the parts stores I could find were on the east coast.

The cars are:

1970 Plymouth Fury sedan C body

1971 Plymouth Satellite sedan


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