Reg Evans

1939 Chrysler speedometer/gauge/and clock glass

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I make and sell these and more on eBay.  Here's an example.... eBay # 123395926265

I make other years too so if interested have a look at my other items.  Thanks !

1 39 chrysler gauge and speedo 1.png

1 dash glass 1.jpg

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On 12/26/2018 at 9:29 AM, Jeff's Old Car Disease said:

I need this set for my 39 New Yorker.  Any chance you still have the templates so you could redo my glass?  Pricing?





Any chance your spark knob hasn’t disintegrated?  If so, can you take a few pictures of it before you touch it (prior experience with this request).  I have a mock up, by would love to know what the original actually looked like.


Also, I understand others have vacuum formed new plastic back over the metal dash surrounds.  Something I’m interested in doing if here are enough of us to make he project cost-feasible.  

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I actually do not even have a knob for the spark advance.  It must have suffered the same fate as yours...  

I am interested in the new plastic vacuum forming....I didn't think this was possible and have been considering wood veneer overlay.  

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21 hours ago, Jeff's Old Car Disease said:

Reg Evans, i do also need the clock face redone, do you have this as well?


Yes I do Jeff.   Check eBay under seller Grandpadodge

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