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1940 Pontiac Parts for sale part 2


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I am selling front end body parts for a 1940 Torpedo  These parts came off a coupe that had a tree fall on it and caused severe damage!


Right fender is straight but has a dent above the wheel opening.

Left fender is damaged due to the tree.  I bet it will be a challenge for a good body man.

The core support is straight and structurally sound however there's rust on a non-structural lower panel.

The upper rt body panel pictured goes above the rt fender and below the hood.

The rt side engine compartment panel has no rust and shows the head light wire holes.


Selling these parts as a package for $500.00.  The buyer is responsible for shipping and these parts are


Please note:  The 1940 Pontiac Torpedo model was a GM C-body shared with Cadillac, Buick, Oldsmobile & Pontiac.  The Torpedo was the only Pontiac that used this body and therefore these parts will NOT fit on any other Pontiac!




front body panels.jpg

front rt fender 1.jpg

front rt fender 2.jpg

front rt fender 3.jpg

front lft fender 1.jpg

front lft fender 2.jpg

front lft fender 3.jpg

core support 1.jpg

core support 2.jpg

core support 3.jpg

upper rt body panel.jpg


rt side engine compartment panel.jpg

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