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Lower Hudson Valley Chapter Picnic


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With approximately 40 cars in attendance, and invitations to the local Oldsmobile and Caddy clubs, plus lots of great Buick guys and gals enjoying the company and the day, My son, Ted Sweet and I drove to the site of the event in Cold Springs NY. Leaves are just beginning to change here and what with an overcast day on tap, it did not seem like a great day for an event but it cleared up after a while and became a bit oppressive with 99% humidity and proximity to the Hudson  River.  As usual, I screwed up many pictures.  Among the screw ups this time was shooting some pictures in a VGA setting which made for some tiny pictures.  Very disappointing!  But here are some I thought worthy of posting.



This 68 Wildcat was exceptional! 




Not a highly optioned vehicle,, and not my favorite color :lol: , but the car was a beauty!


I just loved this 63 Riviera for it's color combo, black with red interior!



Another exceptional car with an interesting color was this 72 GS 350.




And always a show stopper is this 65 Riviera GS!



I liked the stance of this 80 something Riviera with the T type wheels.




 And was fascinated with this 65 Eldorado and it's multitude of options. 



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This Caddy was also very interesting since I haven't see the flat head v8 before



The top flowing exhaust, being so close to the carb and the plug wires  made me wonder how this car could avoid vapor lock? 

Then I noticed



POWER STEERING!!!  What the?  What the heck is that attached to?  Sweet Biscuits!  there's a steering rack under there!! 

And check out the coupling mechanism!  I did not ask how the set up works but thought that's a pretty nice application/modification!




Anyways, there was this 50's era 558307928_LowerHudsonValleyPicnic20180020.thumb.JPG.cbac70e26569a5bf1fc5c5480b022090.JPG


Just a nice survivor car





Lower Hudson Valley Picnic 20180014.JPG

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There were many other  Buicks, which I had photographed in the past so I did not take new shots now.  But there was one silver Regal T Type which had been subject to  major modification.  Unfortunately the pics of the car itself did not come out very well but this one shows the scope of the project!



I did not look underneath but I assume the frame had to be strengthened!


Anyway, it was a very nice day and I was really happy to have attended with my son who had a six hour drive home at the end of the day




And I had a great ride home too with 65-4  climate control ( ie: windows down cruising) and some nice views along the highway




Thanks to the members of the LHV chapter, Especially Roddy and his lovely wife who hosted this event!

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