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AUTOBODY magazine 1921 to 1931

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Autobody magazine was a (had a  white cover) magazine published in New York City from 1921 to 1931 . I would like to add any copies to my collection for my research and articles. Bound issues are welcome as well. I will be at Hershey in the RED Field, spaces RNG 10 & 11 - most likely will be right across the isle from my spaces under the tent of a friend since it is likely to rain! thanks everyone.


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Jim, thanks so much for the compliment, I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to make the comment. I take great personal satisfaction in sharing with readers what I have managed to accumulate for the past 55 years. Some people collect but can't or don't have an interest in putting facts from promotional material, auto show programs, newspaper reports, periodicals etc.together for a story.  There are  those of us who possibly have the ability to make the history of motor vehicles an accurate "good read" for others, to not only entertain but inform them of what happened, we should. Some people do not like to share what they have, so they can be the "experts". I am totally opposite ( and opposed to) that, I am thrilled to know that people have learned a little more by my contributions. I was overwhelmed at Hershey by the number of people who stopped by to say hello, and say they liked the stuff I have researched and written about, made it the best Hershey I have been to since first going in 1965.

I take great pride in honoring the workers who made the cars , vehicles, parts, designed them, etc. Many of those people we do not know the names of, but my story's are my way of recognizing them , that is what it is all about to me. Thank you again .

From a rain soaked and chilly long island, N.Y.

Walt G.

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I, too, appreciate the contributions of the many men and women who have worked in our auto industry.  Both grandfathers, my father and uncles all worked in the industry at one time in the Detroit area (GM, Ford, Chrysler, Packard).  Growing up in Dearborn allowed me to see the Mustang in December of 1963 passing through the subdivision.  I continue to see new models to this very day, but they are always camouflaged now.  


Hopefully you continue to write for many years to come.  I always look forward to reading your articles.  In fact, I showed my sister and late Mom your article on auto upholstery in the 1920s.  They were as impressed as me! 


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Jim, that article on the auto upholstery would not have been possible without the two good friends I mention and give credit to. Dick Burnham of Ct. found the treasure trove of hard bound top samples and loose upholstery samples that originally were in a Packard dealer in Ct. and was kind enough to let me know as he knew that that material would be the basis for the article you read if added to the other information I had already. Eric Haartz of the family who since 1907 has supplied top material of all sorts is a close friend and he was kind enough to proof read what I wrote to make sure it was accurate. I spent many hours talking to Eric at Hershey this year, we have a lot in common, same sense of humor, plus both of us own and drive 1930 Packard 7 passenger touring cars. . I have had a lot of comments on that particular article, and as always was very pleased I could share the information with readers. Thanks also to Hemmings Classic Car editor Richard Lentinello who continues to publish my story's and column about some often off beat topics!

It was Austin Clark and Beverly Rae Kimes, and later Fred Roe  who always encouraged me to do more research and keep writing, now that I am retired it seems I do that 24/7  ! I encourage others who read this to look for the facts, and do not be intimidated to put pen to paper and let us read what you have found out, SHARE THE HISTORY .

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I can't say it better, Walt!  If anyone has information on an obscure car or manufacturing process, please share! 


I'm trying to determine if any Detroit-Dearborn cars still exist.  I posted the topic in General Discussions, but no luck so far.  I have acquired an ad, photo, negative of the photo, and 4 pages of technical specifications for the car.  It was only made in 1910, and only 110 were produced.  One was reportedly still in use in the 1950s. 


Sadly, much information has gone to the graves with many enthusiasts from the past.

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My articles and stories regularly appear in Hemmings Classic Car magazine, I also have a column for that magazine 4 times a year,  articles appear at assorted times of the year the column is in April,July, October and January issues. For 35+ years I also had a regular ( almost every issue) story in the Classic Car Club of America magazine 'The Classic Car' , my last article for CCCA will be in the December /Winter issue that will be out soon as I will not be renewing my membership to CCCA , at least for 2019.

Hopefully in 2019 my new venue for sharing my information on pre war vehicles with club members will be in the AACA Antique Automobile magazine . I have a story into West Peterson as well as some period photographs to share with all of you. I take great personal satisfaction in being able to share what I have in my library and archives ( it is focused on WWI to WWII era primarily) with all of you.  There is just so much material, information, images etc out there that has never been made available or made known to a lot of car enthusiasts and I am happy to be able to do that, it is my way of giving back to an absolutely wonderful interest - old vehicles ,   that interest keeps us all going while we put up with the every day rigors of life, health etc.

thank you for asking.

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