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16 valve blown turbo? white smoke


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Honestly, without seeing the old turbo or getting the assessment on what caused the failure, it's hard to say.


Don't rely on the dash gauge for oil pressure. The sending units are known failure points. Have a mechanical gauge temporarily installed to make sure exactly what is going on. I truly suggest popping the oil pan off and checking the rod bearings. Those seem the be the "weak point" in the bottom end of these engines (check the mains while you're there, but they are typically OK).


I have a theory on the engine oil becoming acidic over time and eating the bearings. The mains don't seem to have an issue, but the rod bearings for some reason do.


Absolutely change the oil and filter before restarting. Make sure there's oil in the turbo supply line before you start the engine (leave the drainback off, crank engine over without firing until oil starts to drain out). Also, make sure the drainback is clear, because if it's blocked it will cause the oil to leak past the dynamic seals in the turbo and come out the exhaust and also force its way into the intake.


When you first start it, it's probably going to smoke like it was when you shut it off. It should clear up after a few minutes.


HTH! Keep us updated!

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