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Lincoln 1932 KB 5-Pass on Auction


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There is a 5-Passenger hard top for sale at the upcoming Hershey Auction. 



I've reached out to a few people on the AACA forum individually for feedback on this model of Lincoln and have appreciatively received helpful replies.  After reading as much as is available on the various forums, I'm still unclear on whether the KB  an example of Lincoln's finest hour or if the fork-blade was great in it's day and now is an albatross due to the main & connecting bearings.   The vehicle in question at the auction is on it's second engine and I've heard that when the bearings are balanced, the engine pulls wonderfully.  If the bearings aren't balanced then it goes south quickly into a rebuild with babbit bearings and so forth.   


I'm posing here in the hope that any current or former KB owners could chime in and give some feedback either on what they see about this particular car that wouldn't be obvious to a newcomer to the Lincoln brand or that they know about the drivetrain in the KB that would aid in making a decision as to it's reliability.  I'm intending to take it on long tours which is why the hardtop works for my needs and having owned similar vintage vehicles, I'm expecting that repairs will be needed but if I can't trust the basic engine and hearing that parts are for all practical purposes unavailable, this may be why the current owner appears not to drive it much.   The service records RM has to offer covers 1990 to 2018 with a flurry of work from  2007 to 2012 including removing the engine.   Nothing since 2014 but I'm guessing it sits a lot based on when they put in gas.  Service records show it needs new tie rod ends but as that wasn't done, should I assume these are hard parts to find?   The rotor was JB Welded so I'm guessing these aren't available either?


Trying to get a sense of whether this car isn't driven because it's part of a large collection or perhaps because it's a beautiful but delicate flower that shouldn't leave the garage.  Hoping for some insight from the Lincoln KB community.


THank You in advance.

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I know we have some real KB experts floating around on the forum so I too would love to hear about the strengths and weaknesses of the fork and blade.  I know what the support system is for a lot of the Classics,  but this is one I don't know much about.

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