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1920's Headlamps Please Help


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I have no idea what they are from but because they are on yoke mountings the date might be mid to late teens.


Bausch and Lomb lamps were relatively expensive and would have been found on upper market cars. I guess there is a possibility they supplied them as after market as well?


I think Rolls-Royce America used B & L lamps as standard.


A friend of mine has a very impressive looking set of B & L lamps which he has earmarked for a speedster for which he has been slowly assembling parts for many years. 


Might just have to trawl through some photos of higher market teens car to find a match.

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1 hour ago, olympic said:

Definately not 25 to 28 Franklin. Our 25 Franklin has Bausch and Lomb lenses, but the lamps are totally different. Our 21 Franklin has a similar look to the mounting, but does not have Bausch and Lomb lenses.


Maybe these are from the teen's not the 20's.

Thanks Again, I'll keep trying

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Pierce-Arrow, for one manufacturer, used B&L lenses like these 1921-28 for their fender-mounted headlamps, but they also offered conventional headlamps as an option.  For P-A at least, the "STAR" was used only 1926-28.  I suspect, but do not know for certain, that the STAR designation indicated some improvement in the lens.  Critical information for identification is the actual OD of the lens.


Here's a quick reference guide:

1921 Series 32 9-1/4"

1922-25 Series 33  9-1/4"

late 1924-25 Series 80 8-3/8"

1926 Series 33

9-1/4" STAR

1926-27 Series 80 8-3/8" STAR

1927-28 Series 36 9-1/4" STAR

1928 Series 81 8-1/8

ALL P-A CARS 1926-thru-1928 used B & L STAR lenses---that have a flat center panel --and the "star" logo at the bottom

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