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Windshild Frame


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Hello  Lincoln Friends

i want to convert the 1948 Lincoln Continental Convert. dismantle the complett

where are  the  screws i have  to repaint the Frame because the aluminum oxidizes

Thank you your help

Greetings from Switzerland


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Many thanks Larry Butcher Question at the Lincoln Continental Convertible

1946-1948 is the Windshild Frame bolted then you can dismantle him I want to  know

where the screws are and how many.Many thanks for the Information !

Maybe there is a restorer inthe USA who has alredy that ! if he really wanted

to restore the Lincoln.

Many thanks for answers from Lincoln specialist !


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Thanks for the answer 19tom40

there are two diverent lincoln convertible   1 Typ lincoln Body type 876H76 convertible coupe

because the windshild Frame is integratet in the bodywork  I have the 2 Body type 876H56 lincoln

Continental convertible and with this guy you have  to  disassemble the  windshild Frame !

 I hope there is still a lincoln specialist who knows lincolns.

Thanks in advance




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On my 41 Continental, I removed that windshield frame. Open the door and look carefully following the frame down into the hinge post.

you should find two screws on each side (not the door hinges) these will need removed. Now go

under the dash and you will find the bolts or screws holding it onto the body.  Be very careful removing the frame. Work slow and you may have to use some penetrating oil where the frame is bolted into the tight fitting area on the doors.. hope this helps.





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