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Last week I took one of my TC's for a drive (90 16v, red/black/black)  and parked it back in the barn - all was well.   Yesterday I went into the barn and noticed the cars all had quite a bit of condensation.  Today when I checked, the seat belt/door ajar chime was dinging away.  The car doors and trunk were closed.   So I got the keys and it cranked & fired normally.  I latched the seat belt yet the dinging persisted.  So I went to get a wrench to disconnect a battery cable and when I returned, you guessed it, no dinging.  Rather than attribute this to Italian electrical serendipity and ignore it, I thought I'd ask the assembled brain trust, "any ideas?"  I'm leaning toward the condensation causing an electrical gremlin, but that seems too easy.

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"Rather than attribute this to Italian electrical serendipity and ignore it, I thought I'd ask the assembled brain trust, "any ideas?"


First, the wiring harness for the TCs was manufactured in Spain. So we cannot blame the Italians for that one.

Secondly, the wiring was made to Chrysler Corporation specifications and frankly, I cannot visually distinguish a TC wiring harness from any domestic harness such as one for a LeBaron.

You picture your TC without a roof, was it parked in the barn 'topless'? If that was the case, moisture could enter electrical connections more easily.

I know I haven't helped in the location of that "ding, ding, ding", but I did get a chance to do a little typing. If this condition reappears, we'll take a stab at it if you toss a little more detail in our direction.


It would appear that a little heat in the engine compartment could have corrected the condition or maybe the "Key in the ignition" chime, since it is the same chime that you hear for that, and you said that you started the engine, so the key has been in and out of the ignition lock.

This chime is also activated with the headlamp switch in an 'on' position and the driver's door being slightly open. I would have written ajar, but we all know that "no door is a jar". 

These circuits are all controlled by one of the driver side door switches,IMG_2105.thumb.JPG.eabfa0f2625e8803d6b8edbce9d46ba3.JPG this one, which completes the ground circuit. 

Which one you ask?  The black one.  OH, Oh, they are both black, I better go and check....... It is the top one in the picture in combination with the courtesy light switch located in the door hinge ares.

So, now you have some areas to troubleshoot, good luck.

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Thanks guys.  The car affected is my red TC which has the hardtop on.  I agree that running the engine probably produced enough heat to correct the condition, but will check the door switches.  

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