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!940 Pontiac Deluxe 28.  Finally got everything back together, and fired the car back up.  A few tweaks to the carb, and the engine sounded pretty solid.  Did a little walk around the car and noticed, crap a puddle of coolant on the ground.  Opened the hood, and sure enough, looked like it was leaking from the weep hole.  Up till not I really haven't had any issues finding parts for this car, well until now.  What I've found is mostly kits and pumps for the 6 cylinder, this is of course the straight 8.  Are the 6's water pump compatible, or does anyone know a good source for a pump?  I haven't taken the pump apart yet.





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Ok I think I found one on Ebay that should work.  I saw one for the same year, but it had an extended shaft, and said it would fit the 28.  Do you know much about that type of pump?  I didn't get one one, more out of curiosity.

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There is some information on Pontiac water pumps here:





That page doesn't render properly for me, but here is an interesting part:



Third generation pumps

  In 1938 the location remained the same, but the pump was redesigned as already described with a sealed ball-bearing and carbon seal assembly.  Although there were numerous subtle changes and various service parts listed for use; it remained essentially unchanged through 1948 with 1 notable exception.  The 1939/40 six cylinder engines used a unique water pump.  This was due to the fact that either engine was available in the Deluxe Series 26 or 28 models riding on the same 120” wheelbase.  Prior to this, the six cylinder models were always shorter from the cowl forward, maintaining the relationship between fan and radiator with the shorter six cylinder engine.
  In 1941, with the advent of the “engine option”, Pontiac mated fan shrouds with the six and eight cylinder engines, thus eliminating the fan clearance issue regardless of which Series car the engine was installed in. 



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