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Looking for a pair of door mirrors

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My wife and I purchased a '51 Kaiser deluxe a couple years ago and the previous owner installed a pair of door mirrors that aren't quite right for the car. I would prefer not to go through filling holes, repainting doors, etc over a pair of mirrors and would instead like to find a correct pair of accessory mirrors. 


I have included two photos of what the mirror looks like. Key design elements are a bullet shaped head with a fin down the middle. The head can swivel left/right and is attached to the mirror lower left (or right depending on orientation) of center. The stem of the mirror below the head comes down to a point and the base of the mirror slightly flares out to either side of the stem. These mirrors were able to be used on the left and right hand side of the vehicle. I would need a pair of them. 


I'll be on the hunt for these at hershey but if you have a pair...or even one lying around let me know. 



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13 hours ago, nick8086 said:

I have about 20 Misc mirrors in a box from the shop. Not sure how many are Kaiser..


I found a pair out in the swap meet at hershey (one at a time at two different tables). That being said...I'm not opposed to having a couple spares. I've attached a better photo of what they look like. If you happen to have any of these I'd be interested. The key design elements are the fin on the top, the swiveling head and the conical shaped mirror.


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