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Memphis Motor Sports Park - No BUICKS at Test-n-Tune??

Guest 1965cat

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Guest 1965cat

WHAT?? No Buicks at test and tune? Say it isn't so!! I have not attended the local test and tune at the Memphis Motor Sports park in Millington, TN. But a friend of mine takes his 3000GT VR4 out to the track to dust Mustangs, Camaro's, etc... I asked how many Buicks he had matched up against and his response was - "What Buicks? I have yet to see a Buick let alone run against one".. Ouch!! I don't know if this has been the case all season, but I am going next week to see how many Buicks are brought to the track... I may have to remedy the situation myself. I have a 65 Wildcat conv that I will not run at the track, but I am entertaining the thought of investing some time and money into a race Buick... I am looking for any recommendations on what I can put together for $10-15K in the form of a Buick powered 1/4 mile racer. I have little experience racing legally, but have some local friends that have been racing their Chevy's for years at the track that would be happy to help me. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated, next year will be my rookie season if I build the car....



BCA 372362

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