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Antique gas station light, delivered to Hershey

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Green enamel gas station light mounted on pole with old truck rim as base. Pole just slides onto base so if needed it could be mounted anyway you chose. Light hood is adjustable up/down and also tilts at angle side to side. Measurements are

8ft tall with light hood all the way up

7ft tall with hood all the way down (hood mount is higher than hood at that point so 7ft is the height of the mount)

Hood is 23.5x24 inches

Wheel base is 23 inch diameter

Cord is 40ft long


Farmer used it as his portable light to work on tractors which is why the pole has a electrical box and multiple cords hangers welded on. Pole is easily removable if you just want to use the original light and mount. Light bulb is huge. Asking $300 and can deliver to Hershey next week (must be paid for in advance). Enamel is much like an old sign, chipped in the back where kids probably threw rocks at it for years (i can tell it was mounted in the full up position so the chip Mark's would have been pointing down) and the front lip shows rust where the many years of weather got to it. White underside is very nice. Use it outside your shop or do like I did and use it in the garage as decoration.  Many more pictures available



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