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I had a Franklin and a Stutz Model M box within a few feet of each other - I did not really pay attention at time, but at first glance they appeared same, other than the Stutz case had some "added features" for a hillholder (which I am not sure is on all Stutz M's or just some).     My advice is twofold - if you replace all the bearings, a couple are super hard to get and  do not be afraid to write a big check (a couple years ago I sold my extra NOS bearing set for some steep money plus shipping to Australia) and never put it in or out of that granny lock out gear unless the car is 100% at a standstill (use to be someone would blow one up every year or two at a Franklin meet) - I modified the gate so my lockout gear was not accessible.   My car had I want to way 11,000 or so miles on it from new at time I sold it (Dad and I did 6K of that) and next owner put about 17K more on it (right or wrong to lock out the gear - best I can say is it survived quite a bit of usage without issue). 

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Thank you for the reply regarding the Detroit gearbox The 1929 Stutz had fitted to the gearbox what they called a Noback The idea was to stop you rolling back on a hill. Not a good design worked a bit like a sprag clutch. Good when new with a bit of wear they jam up

I have a 1929 Stutz four speed gearbox but is missing the gear lever and the handbrake lever and parts? Was the identical levers and parts used on the Franklin? Any chance of a photo of the Franklin box? Regards Len

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