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4 hours ago, noreastcarnut said:

Yes, it's quite high from Herco. $50 a day and you have to buy all week!  At this museum it's $15 a day for each parking/camping space.  How about that?


Herco's daily spectator parking rate is $15 per day and you pay for what you use (ie you do not have to buy all week). This is the same rate as the 

Hershey-Derry Historical Society. Based on Google maps the Herco daily parking areas appear to be closer than the Hershey-Derry Historical Society is.

As far as I know, this rate is for the spectator lots across Hersheypark Drive in the fields. Not sure if this rate applies to Chocolate World or not. 


Herco's RV parking (across Hersheypark Drive at Hotel Road) is $55.00 per night, and you must pay for each night through Sat., Oct. 13th., starting on the day you arrive. This lot only makes sense for people who want to camp from the day they arrive through Saturday morning. The Herco lot appears to be a lot closer to the event than the Historical Society location. For some people that might be a consideration but if one saves $40/night the distance may well be worth the $$$$ savings.


The bottom line is one can save some $$$ by parking at the Hershey-Derry Historical Society if one needs RV parking. If one needs daily spectator parking then there is no money savings between these two options.


FYI, all Herco parking rates posted above are from the Hershey Region web site in the FAQ section.




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