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Auto magazines at Hershey

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Will be selling a large (30 milk crates or so) collection of automotive magazines from 1940s-1980s to include Road and Track, Car and Driver, Motor Trend, Sport & GT Market, Auto Speed and Sport, Speed Age, Hot Rod, Car Toons, Hotrod Parts, Motor Life, Car Craft, Custom Rodder, Hop Up, Drag Racing, Speed Mechanics, Popular Hot Rodding, Cars, Super Stock, Almquist, Speed and Custom, Rod and Custom, Motor World, and more. Clean, dry storage. Will consider fair offers on entire lot. Pick up in North Jersey or delivered to Hershey. No shipping. If not sold as whole lot, then will break up and sell individually at RSD 32. Located even with goal post between football stadium and old hockey arena. 


Will also have other automotive ephemera to include dealership sales literature; dealership service manuals, bulletins; gas station road maps; etc. Some truck, boat, motorcycle too but 97% automobile.

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