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'20s Multiple Buick owner, Baseball’s Tris Speaker...


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Some of you ’20s Buick guys might enjoy this—shows celebrity player Tris Speaker with his then new top-of-the-line Buick Sedan. Story says he also had a Buick truck and Sport Touring on his Texas ranch. The pic and story are from a 1922 magazine for Ohio Buick dealers, so the car must be a '21 or '22—who can say for sure? Titled "The U & I in Buick," the magazine was published by the Ohio-Buick Co., a dealer/distributor in Cleveland. They started publishing it in 1921. I also have the introductory issue for 1924 models. Any other issues out there?

22_1 Buick_Speaker_bball_UaIBuMag_upld2FB_TVBc.jpeg

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