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Need help identifying Baker and Detroit electric trucks

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I am helping a family member try and find more information regarding a couple of old electric trucks. I need to get some better pictures, but attached is what I have. She was able to locate some numbers on the Baker truck, 2103 Type S, but was not able to locate anything on the Detroit Electric. I want to get as much information as possible so I can help her determine what they are, and approximately what they might be worth. Any information as to what year range they might be, or where to look for model numbers, etc would be appreciated. These are just pictures I happened to take the last time I was there and just happened to have them.

Baker Electric 1.jpg

Baker Electric 2.jpg

Detroit Electric 2.jpg

Detroit Electric 1.jpg

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FWIW the Baker truck chassis I have is identified as a 1911  Model X by an aluminum data plate riveted to the left frame rail near the front.

Generally speaking determining value is difficult because so few change hands. The value is essentially what ever someone will pay for it. 

I can't help with the Detroit.     


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