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Wire connectors


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The splices under the seats are not simple one wire to one wire.   The splices have 4 to 7 wires and they are clumped together like  grabbing a bunch of grass.

The spice you use must be large enough to contain all the wires.    If done properly,  water will no longer be an issue.

(1) after removing the rusted factory splice the wires must be cleaned.....if the wire is long enough cut off the corroded end , strip the insulation and you will have fresh copper wire.

.........I like to pre-tin all the wires

(2) bundle them together and crimp on a COPPER splice

(3) solder all the wires together once the splice is crimped.

(4) trim the end

(5) apply electrical tape or heat shrink tubing

........ if you want to go crazy.....coat the crimp with dielectric grease before putting on the tape or shrink tubing

with the wires soldered together water cannot get into the joint even when submerged......the copper crimp will not rust and loosen,  so you have a much better electrical connection.


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What I failed to fully explain...........I don't think the connectors in the link will work for this job unless they have a closed end unit which I could not find in that link.

All the wires in the Reatta underseat splices come from one direction ....the wires are not long enough to reroute,  so if you use these connectors,  one end will be open, defeating the waterproof feature.

The picture below was sent to me by a Reatta owner ......if you look closely,  you can see standing water.    While not easy to see,  the yellow and green wire bundle at the top is one of the splices, note the

electrical tape wrap on the end.....all the wires come from one direction, it is not a pass-thru splice. 

standing water I.jpg

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Here is your best bet. Get a cheap soldering iron, some solder and an assortment of heat shrink tubing. Crimp the wires together as Barney suggested with copper splices and then solder it all together. Cover the connection with shrink tubing and you will have the best connection you will get and everything you need will be around $20.


Have you saw this tutorial on my website? Wire Splice Repair



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