Model T Parts for Sale at Hershey

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Seller:  AACA/VCCA Member Chip Boyd, Orange Field Spaces OBE 24 & 25

IMPORTANT NOTE:  These parts are already packed and ready for the trip to Hershey.  I won’t be selling any of these items before the Hershey meet, but will offer anything that doesn’t sell at Hershey when I return home.  Any requests or inquiries I receive before the Hershey meet will be retained and answered after the meet when I return home.


  • Model T Ford tool kit in display case $50
  • ’17-’27 Ford Model T Radiator Cap $8
  • ’14-’20 Ford “T” Holley Model G Carburetor $30
  • ’20-’26 Ford “T” Holley Model NH Carb $30
  • Boyce Motometer w/ Wings $5
  • Ford Model “T” Front Wheel Hub $5
  • ’24-’27 Ford “T” Crankcase Lower Gasket $2
  • Ford Model T Transmission Band Tool $3
  • Ford Motel T Trans Band Gasket Set $2
  • ’17-27 Ford T Hood Hooks, NORS, Set of 4 $10
  • ’09-27 Ford “T” Crankshaft Gear, NORS $8
  • Ford Model T Price List of Parts, 4/1/23 $10
  • Ford Model T Instruction Book, 1927 $10
  • Ford Model T Manual (Q&A Book) $10
  • “Ford, The Universal Car”  Brochure, 1919 $15
  • Model T Ford Timer Cover $2
  • Model T Ford Hand Crank Leather Sling $2

Stop by for a visit!  Orange Field OBE 24 & 25

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