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I have a bunch of parts from a 1989 TC.  The interior was ginger.  I live in northern Illinois and I'm looking for someone to give me $100.00 for everything that I have.  Here are some of the pieces that I can think of:  both interior door panels, cluster assembly, right front fender that is mint, both rear window assemblies, a SMEC for a 89 TC and a SMEC for a 89 Dodge Daytona, all of the stainless fender moldings, the front chrome grill, an ABS pump, I believe i have a complete body harness and engine harness.  There's the driver and passenger seat tracks and the seat skins for both seat.  There's a bunch of other misc parts.  The parts have been in the garage for a number of years and some are covered with dust.  I don't want to ship anything.  I just want the stuff to go somewhere, where they might get some use.  If you are interested and want to pick all of this up, let me know.

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im looking for a lower timing chain cover for my 1989 tc  2.2 SOHC, 1988 block with AC part number 4467273

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