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27 Buick Standard Clutch issue

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Now that I have it running the clutch would not work. I tried what I read on the forum to start it with the clutch in and the transmission in gear. 

 I hit the brakes and started to let the clutch out and the wheel started  to spin. I pushed the clutch back in and was able to take it out of gear and run it through all three gears whit the clutch still in. I then pushed in the clutch, took it out of gear and let the clutch back out. When I pushed the clutch back in it would grind when I tried to put it back in gear. 

I did this twice with the same result. Any ideas? 


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Congratulations on getting your Buick started.

1) How fast is your idle?  The motor needs to lope slowly at idle.  You will never get it into gear if the idle is too high.

2)     The other issue is the thickness of the transmission oil.  Consider this experiment.  Starting it in 2nd gear with the clutch in.  Let the clutch out and only drive it in 2nd gear.  no shifting. Drive it easy and long enough to get the transmission fluid to warm up.  End your journey back at the house just in case.  If it warms up, that should help, then take another run and see if you can shift it.  Don't expect to down shift, and you may need to do double clutching.    


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This is the way I was brought up and taught to shift the old Buicks.  Watched my Grandfather for years in his 24-45, and my Father for years in his 27-54CC, and this is how they did it. 


I have seen videos of people, mostly selling an old Buick, take it for a spin and wind it up in each gear to show how fast it can go.  Not a fan of that.


Don't spend much time in neutral.  Notice how when I stopped, I went from 3rd to 1st rapidly because I know if I left it in neutral or hesitated there for too long, I would have ground gears getting back to first, even when stopped.


Get to high gear quickly, and accelerate slowly.  That means short acceleration in 1st and 2nd, and wait for the engine speed to drop down, which will allow the gears to slow enough also, to get to the next gear.  The only time I double clutch is sometimes when I need to downshift from 3rd to 2nd going up a hill. 


I've also found that each Buick I've driven is a little different, and you need to find what works for you and your car.


This video I did a good job, but I usually always grind a little up shifting.  You can hear a small grind going into 3rd  but with the low engine speed, and low ground speed, no damage is being done.  Everything was warm, and I use Penrite Transoil 250 (600W) full up to the bottom of the check hole in the transmission to help slow the gears down.






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9 minutes ago, swin10 said:

If I start it in gear I can shift it. But if I take it out of gear and let the clutch out that is when it grinds. I will change the oil and see what happens. Thanks for the help.


I would suspect a low oil supply in the transmission, or not a heavy enough oil, or combination of both. 

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 That was what my clutch on my 1925 Standard was doing. I had to start in gear as it would not go in from neutral. Although once underway I could shift up or down. That is until that fateful day when it seemed to fix itself. I started the car in neutral and IT WENT INTO FIRST WITHOUT GRINDING! A miracle ! But the starter seemed very difficult to engage. Drove a few miles and bought gas. Restarted, the same thing all was well. Drove several miles into the country. Upshift, it did not grind. Downshift, it did not grind. That is until I went to pullout onto busy route 30. I went to shift into second...... NOTHING.... The clutch has left the building! One of the friction disks were coming off and pieces were jamming things up.The remainder of the disintegrating clutch disk had broken free and jammed up into my starter gears. 

DSCF2973.thumb.JPG.457ae7f22c9247053ea827cc2cc2cf7d.JPG What was in the bottom cover.

DSCF2889.thumb.JPG.407a945df7d004f17a16c848bed530eb.JPG Another disk ready to come off.

DSCF2972.thumb.JPG.383b48f84b820d99589cb6eb3b7361ff.JPG Remainder of clutch in the gear set. No wonder it was tough to start!


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