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F/S 1908-1914 cone clutch and flywheel. $600. Hershey delivery. See photos

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Cone clutch & flywheel 1908 1910 1914 horseless carriage brass era auto.  Bought in 2009 to build a brass era speedster then stored until now. My plans changed. Purchased all from brass era car great Lou Icciano of N.Y. Price is  what I paid Lou in 2009. Circa 1908-1914 cone clutch and flywheel. Rare to find loose! New Kevlar lining at cost of $500. $600 both. Cone/flywheel outside diameter is 15 1/4 inches. Inside diameter at top is 14 1/2 inches. Cone/flywheel is 3 inches thick. Inside of cone area is 2 1/2 inches deep.  Clutch is 14 1/2 inches across,2 inches deep. Flywheel mounting holes on the back of it are 4 1/2 inches across,center to center. Both weigh approx. 40 pounds.Will USA ship all for costs,or store until picked up. .George Albright,Ocala,Fla.  cell 352 843 1624  weekdays 10-4 EST.  email  gnalbright@gmail.com See my  1908-1914 Weston Mott rear axles for sale.












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