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F/S 1908-1914 Weston Mott rear axles. Hershey delivery. $500. See photos

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Weston Mott rear axles,1908 1910 1914 horseless carriage brass era auto Buick.   Bought in 2009 to build a brass era speedster then stored until now. My plans changed. Purchased all from brass era car great Lou Icciano of N.Y. Weston Mott axles were used on many many brass era cars, GM including Buick.and non GM. Price is  what I paid Lou in 2009. Two identical circa 1908-1914 rear axles, shaft drive,Lou said probably Weston Mott, but not stamped W M Co, at least I cant find it. One apart and appears mostly complete,and one together. Axle tubes are 2 1/2 inches in diameter. Center of spring perch across to other center of spring perch is approx. 34 1/2 inches.The outer external contracting brake bands on the axle together are rusted beyond use. Appear usable on the axle apart or use for patterns.Not a hard piece to replicate. Axle shafts turn on one together. I would soak both in kerosene for a week before turning bolts on them though.Was $900 both rear axles,now $500 for all you see. Free Hershey delivery . Don't want to separate.Will USA ship all for costs,or store until picked up. .George Albright,Ocala,Fla.  cell 352 843 1624  weekdays 10-4 EST.  Email  gnalbright@gmail.com See my cone clutch and flywheel for sale. also. 











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