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Looking for small parts at Hershey

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Does anyone know a vendor (or is one) that might sell:


      Smaller door parts - strikers, latches, rubber parts for doors, inside door and window handles

      (long shot)  Right front fender is great shape


for a 1928 Pontiac. Some of the parts from the similar year Chevy may be the same, so I will look at vendors that also sell Chevy door parts


I have tried to buy some of these parts online, but usually there are no pictures so I don't want to take the chance to buy the comparable Chevy part

thanks in advance



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Don't know any specifically, but somebody will have them. Bring one of yours along to match up pieces,  Also you could get a ballcap and write something like looking for parts for 1928 Pontiac.  Happy hunting. I am searching Chandler parts-I think you will have better luck than me.

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Attending Hershey in 2012 I purchased a Program on entry(Cost was $5 then). That Program was substantial(124 pages) and contained an alphabetical listing of all vendors. Towards its end is also a listing of Vendors by make of vehicle or their specialty, ie Door Handles, Pontiac, etc, etc. The list also shows the Vendor space numbers ie GDK 35-36, GBE 15-24, etc,etc. There are also maps of each field. ie Chocolate Field South, Red Field, etc, etc showing the space numbers. Markup the maps with the vendors you're interested in then you can eliminate many vendors which hold no interest in your search. And use the numbered light poles as a navigational aid,  they are marked in the field maps and certainly are of great assistance in getting around.

Although you never know what treasures you've missed if you don't ferret into every dusty, rusty pile of unidentified or misidentified parts! :?: 

Happy Packard Parts Hunting! :D 

By the way I'll be there on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, see you there!

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HI, Be sure to attend the car show on Saturday and see if anyone is showing a car like yours. I have found out that most car owners have extra parts that they will sell or maybe give you information on where to find the parts you need.

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