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Packard Parts headed for Hershey


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OK – I am packing for Hershey to be a vendor for the first time.  Most of what I have is 35-41 Pre-war Packard, junior And senior. Additionally, I am bringing nearly all of my postwar stuff and a smattering of “everything else”.   To be honest, there is no way I could bring everything I have, especially the “heavy iron” so I am inviting any requests for stuff I would otherwise leave at home, such as -
Starters – 32-3 V12, Super 8, 32-38 Eight/Super 8, 37-39 V12 Delco 664, 39 Super 8, 40-50 356, 35-47 Six and 120.
Generators – CD865, C0-1240, CO-1300, 38-9 Super 8 Autolite, 37-39 V12 Autolite. 35-41 all.  Also 40-50 356 50amp commercial.
Radiators – selling used radiators at scrap value, $100 each 35/6 120, 37 115c, 38 –39 110/120, 40-120, only if paid for will I bring to Hershey.
Steering columns with good boxes, 37-115, 37-120, 38-40 110.120.
1939 R6 overdrive, very good used, $500.  
Large amount of transmission/overdrive parts.
36-39 110/120 bumpers, nice used, $100 ea.
Trunk Rack setups, 35-39 Big Senior, 39-40 Super 8, 36-40 junior.  Have complete setups and parts.
Wheels, 35/6 120, 37-38 set of  Super 8 Artillery wheels and I may or may not bring a set of junior artilleries.

Please Please let me know if I can help you, as I will also be leaving behind lots and lots of the small stuff...

What I AM bringing, have already packed -

36-37 steering wheels, including banjos, hornbuttons, etc.
41-47 “”K” wheels, 1 used and 1 restored, tan.
35-41 back up lights.
“Road and Fog” driving lamps
Interior, exterior and hood and trunk handles
Pair of 41 110/120 accessory bumper wingtips
41 gauge clusters, clocks
Tail lights, 35/6 senior, 35-41 jr. 39-40 Senior, 41/2 senior and lenses.
Headlights, 35-37, 38/39 jr. and sr., 39 Super 8.
Headlight lenses, rings, 35-41 junior and senior, choke inserts and exhaust choke kits
Carburetors, EE-14, EE-16. EE-23, WD-O’s.  
40 and 41 Grilles, 110/120 and 160/180
Some distributors, including 35-39 Super 8
Lots of voltage regulators, including 37-39 Super 8 and V12
Eight, Super 8 and V12 Waterpumps(35-39)
Sidemount plates and locks
NOS runningboard trim strips
41-180 runningboard insert trim
New 39-120 Wiring Harness, complete.
Overdrive solenoids, relays, etc.
Gas tank senders, NOS.

I’ll be happy to update my list as I pack...my spaces are GAF20-24, Very nearby the Packard Club Tent –spaces are listed under Robert Wotkowski.

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West, I looked twice in my stuff and I'm sorry but negative on an orphaned knob.  


Update to list above, just now packing dash items, 36-120 (also separate NOS gauges), 37 115c and 120, 38jr, 39jr, 40(jr) 41 senior panels with good plastic, gauges, lighters (37-39, NOS 1940 tan plastic, etc) starter buttons, rheostats (including NOS 1940 overdrive rheostats), NOS 36-120 gauges, much 37-42 gauges, etc.   

Also packed  a box of dome lamps and courtesy lamps, most all 33-41 including a pair of the rare oval tonneau lamps 35-37 senior, several 38 and 39-42 senior dome lights and interior courtesy lamps, etc.   No exterior runningboard courtesy lamps.   As I said above, there is no way I could bring all I have, so please, if you are pre-war part hunting, please come see me, or contact me beforehand.

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