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My new 1950 Nash Rambler is only firing on 5 cylinders. Confirmed by when you remove the lead to cylinder 1 it makes no difference. By contrast, remove any of the others and there is a noticeable difference.

There is a good spark at cylinder one - tested with inline tester and the more traditional way of holding plug to earth (really strong Blue spark).
Looking into the spark plug hole, the valves seem to be opening when the engine is running.
The real mystery, the internet tells me the firing order should be 153624. However, it's set-up as 142635. I did try and put the leads as they should be, but the car would not even start. The fact is the car runs quite sweetly with the incorrect firing order, save for missing on one cylinder.
The engine is the correct 1950 Nash Rambler straight 6.
I performed a Compression test (I only tested 3 cylinders)
1.   105 (the offending cylinder)
2.    90
6.   90
More mystery, the offending cylinder has good compression.
I have tried to test the timing, but I could not get my hands on a timing gun that would work with 6 volts, but seeing as she runs pretty well apart from a slight misfire I don't think the timing has anything to do with it.
When you remove the plug after running the car for a short-while, the plug is wet so there is fuel getting to the cylinder and you can see it down the plug hole.
Yes, I know I should take the head off and see what's happening, but I have just bought this car and I am not near my workshop and hoping I have missed something really obvious.
All suggestions welcome.
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Don't remove the head until you determine what the trouble is. you won't see anything looking and will have to spend money putting it back together. Find out the true firing order for your engine and make sure you have things right. You may just have a bad spark plug.

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